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Dolphin Watching in Taranto

Exciting and educational? A splendid initiative that of the Jonian Dolphin Conservation of Taranto, which allows young and old to explore the Gulf of Taranto and its friendly inhabitants: dolphins.

By participating in this experience, you will help scientific research! During the navigation the expert marine biologists will transmit you basic notions and curiosities about dolphins, transmitting their passion and knowledge and transforming this excursion into something more, something special and exciting.

Participating in the sighting of dolphins in Taranto is an activity of environmental education and awareness that will enrich anyone who lives.

In addition, you can live a unique experience at the Ketos museum: here, thanks to virtual reality, you can experience the thrill of swimming among fish and dolphins. This visit can also be done on a different day.

Location: Taranto, Italy

Duration: about 5 hours (in the morning)

Price: € 50,00 per adult – € 25,00 per child up to 9 years – FREE per Infant 0-3 years

Additional information: participants will have to arrange their own lunch (packed lunch is recommended). The excursion includes drinks on board.

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