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Whether you choose to sip a glass of wine in the jacuzzi, or treat yourself to one of our relaxing massages under a gazebo surrounded by olive trees, the result will not change: body and soul will find the right harmony under the sky of Petranima.


Imagine relaxing at sunset in a whirlpool by the pool… in front of you an expanse of olive trees, and to make the background the explosion of colors of the sky at sunset. Is the night starry like in a Van Gogh painting? Sip a glass of Apulian wine in the heated Jacuzzi, and let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the moon that is reflected in the pool and illuminates the Apulian countryside.

The 2 hot tubs each consist of 5 seats: 2 lying positions and 3 seats. The tanks inside have an ozonation system in order to sanitize the water and are positioned in such a way as to enjoy a wonderful view.

Trulli da sogno | Jacuzzi

Massages among the olive trees

Petranima Wellness - Back tension relief massage

Back tension relief massage

This massage aims to restore the proper functioning of your body by acting on the contracted areas of the body.

Petranima Wellness - Reflexology


This ancient technique will give relief to body and soul, as the feet have precise points connected to other areas of the body. The result will be a sense of widespread relaxation!

Petranima Wellness - Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage

Sometimes you don’t need too many words… in this massage only one is important: relax. A cuddle to leave behind the tension!

Petranima Wellness - Relaxing Massage For the Body

Relaxing massage for the body

As the name suggests, this massage is aimed at dissolving the contractures and therefore to finally give you the deserved relaxation!

Petranima Wellness - Relaxing Thai Massage

Thai massage

Thai massage is a technique dating back 600 years. A massage designed to release the flow of your vital energy!

Petranima Wellness - Energetic Connective Tissue massage

Energetic connective tissue massage

A massage characterized by the flow of the skin and aimed at dissolving the tension, reactivating the circulation and relaxing the muscles.

Petranima Wellness - Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

As well as heaven and earth, our feet and our head are important in order to maintain a perfect balance.

Petranima Wellness - Relaxing


A massage that will restore your physical and emotional balance.

Petranima Wellness - Personalized


As the name suggests, this massage will be made to measure for you, according to your needs and desires, in order to make the experience unique and original.

Petranima - Special massage for two

Special for Two

Ideal for sharing a romantic moment as a couple in an unforgettable setting.

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