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Experience in Valle d'Itria

- SWIM & RUN -

Petranima is located in the heart of the Valle D’Itria, and has the mission of showing the soul of this land to its guests. A magical land, full of peculiarities and breathtaking views. With our training experiences you can immerse yourself in the true atmosphere of the Valley, restoring a mental and physical connection with nature.

Petranima - Experience a Torre Guaceto

The program Swim&Run in Valle D’Itria is a perfect combination of rides along beautiful paths, such as the cliff of Torre Pozzelle or the wonderful Apulian Aqueduct, and swim in crystal clear waters to discover the caves of Monopoli and the inevitable Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve. With our Swim&run you can also insert some ‘out of plan” during your experience, according to your needs and desires!


The package includes alternating swimming and running activities in the Itria Valley.

Petranima - Itinerario Bike & Run Giorno 1

Day One – Briefing and moonlight race session on the Apulian Aqueduct

Arrival in the morning in autonomy at Petranima Wellness in Trulli, Ostuni (BR).
At the reception you will be welcomed by the Sport Leader of Yuniqly, with which there will be a briefing to explain the program. Please note that the program is not rigid, on the contrary, it can be modified according to your wishes: For example, additional activities such as running, swimming, cycling, feeding and mental coaching can be included in the programme.

Let the training begin!
In the evening there is a running activity along the Ciclovia dell’Acquedotto Pugliese: a moonlight experience on a 10 km long stick path, in which you will be immersed in the nature and the typical architecture of the Itria Valley. What’s it gonna take? Just the right mood… and a headlamp.

Petranima - Itinerario Bike & Run Giorno 2

Day Two – Monopoly – Swimming session in the crystal clear waters

For the second day we planned a rather ‘suggestive’ training.
In the morning we will head to Monopoli and, from the wonderful beach of Porto Bianco, we will swim for about 1,500 meters along the coast. It will be a path full of natural caves where you can admire, among many, Cala Paradiso Cave, Cave Ibex and the Cave of Porto Verde. Once the turn is complete, you will return to the starting point.

Petranima - Itinerario Bike & Run Giorno 3

Third day – Torre Pozzelle (Ostuni) – Running session along the cliff

The third day includes a running activity along a beautiful cliff that will vary according to your training, up to a total of 18 km. We will move in the morning towards Torre Pozzelle for the race that will be held along a dirt path stick, between sandy coves and the beautiful Mediterranean scrub.

Petranima - Itinerario Bike & Run Giorno 4

Day 4 Torre Guaceto Reserve – Swimrun Session

On the fourth day we will finally dedicate ourselves to the discipline of Swimrun, and to do so we could not have chosen the most evocative place of the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve! But what is swimrun? It is a multidisciplinary activity of alternating swimming and running. stops for the change. In other words, you will swim in clothes and will often come out of the water to alternate between swimming and running. Everything will take place in the heart of the Mediterranean maquis!

Day Five – See you soon!


Breakfast and check-out. Do not miss the beauties of the surroundings and cities like Ostuni during this free day!

The inlcude package;

  • 4 nights at Petranima Wellness in trulli with bed and breakfast
  • Yuniqly Leader Sport Support
  • Welcome Box (biodegradable water bottle, T-Shirts – Notes)
  • 2 sessions of running
  • 1 swimming session
  • 1 session of swimrun
  • 1 session of swimrun
  • Support boat with skipper (2gg)
  • Transfers from 2 days to 4 days

Individual participation fee: € 790

Possibility to plan a transfer.

Experience SwimRun | Petranima

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